How To Use G-Spot Toys During Oral Sex

How To Use G-Spot Toys During Oral Sex

Rose MacDowell

Wondering how to make oral sex feel even better? Want to experience a blended orgasm the next time your partner dines at the Y? If you have a vulva or go down on someone who does, listen up: internal stimulation during cunnilingus can make the difference between a perfectly pleasant oral experience and one that alarms the neighbors.

Sure, you could use your fingers for this endeavor, but if a mind-blowing climax is what you're after, there's nothing like a toy specifically designed for intense G-spot stimulation. I'll tell you how to choose one, how to use one, and explain why switching positions can make a G-spot toy feel different every time.  

How to Use G-Spot Toys During Oral Sex

Choose the right toy

There are as many G-spot toys as there are bodies at least it can seem that way to those of us in the sex toy world! How can you pick the right one for you or your partner? 

Stick with body safe materials. Forgo toys made from PVC or TPE, which are porous, absorb bacteria, and increase the risk of UTIs and yeast infections. Penetrative toys should always be made from non-porous, body-safe materials, such as:

  • Silicone. The majority of body-safe G-spot vibrators are made from this smooth, non-toxic material
  • Stainless steel. Some of the very best G-spot toys are made from weighty stainless steel 
  • ABS plastic. ABS is a type of non-porous, body-safe plastic and is a common sex toy material
  • Borosilicate glass. Borosilicate toys are extremely strong, safe, and budget-friendly

Pick the right size. Some of us are size queens, while some of us prefer slimmer toys for internal pleasure. When shopping for a G-spot toy, keep in mind the kind of penetration you typically enjoy. Does nerve-stretching girth send you head over heels or do you prefer something a little less challenging to insert?

If you're buying for your partner and aren't sure what size toy they'd like, ask them! And if they're not sure, I usually suggest erring on the side of a smaller toy, especially if they're new to internal or G-spot stimulation. 

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Go rumbly. G-spot vibrators can be rumbly, buzzy, or somewhere in between. What does this mean? Rumbly toys deliver low-frequency vibrations that feel penetrate the Gg-spot and clitoral network more deeply. Buzzy toys deliver high-frequency vibrations that feel buzzier and more superficial. Think bus motor (rumbly) vs. electric toothbrush (buzzy). 

Which one do I recommend? Well, to be sure, some G-spot owners prefer buzzier toys. But in my experience, most find rumbly vibrations more pleasurable for the simple reason that they stimulate more nerves, more deeply. And deep stimulation is the key to G-spot orgasms and blended climaxes. 

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    As with all things sex-related, communication with your partner is crucial for maximum enjoyment. If you've decided to explore G-spot stimulation during oral sex, tell them ahead of time how you'd like to proceed.

    Some examples of things you can discuss:

    • Would you like to start with a little tongue action and involve the G-spot later on, or go all out from the start?
    • Which position would you prefer?
    • Is female ejaculation your goal? If so, there are certain tools and techniques that are ideal for this!
    • How would you like to warm up for the main event (the main event being lots of oral fun!)? 
    • Would your partner the giver like to be pleasured during the act, as well, and if so, how? 

    Don't hesitate to communicate before, during, and after oral sex (or any type of sex!). Being able to express your needs is key to the best possible sexual experience. 

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    Use lube

    Penetrative toys always require lube — yes, even if you're already wet! Lube cuts down on friction and increases glide, which can make stimulation of all kinds feel better. If you use silicone toys, remember that this formula of lube can damage silicone toys.

    Choose a water-based, hybrid, or oil-based lube to protect the material of your toy. Stainless steel and glass toys can be used with any type of lube. 

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    G-spot exploration is exactly that: exploration. It can take a little time to discover what feels best to you, particularly if your partner wields the toy. Here are some suggestions for how to use your G-spot toy during oral sex:

    Start slowly. Any time you try a different type of stimulation or a different toy, it's always best to take your time and go slowly. Try gentler settings at first and intensify them as you get more comfortable with your toy. 

    Try different motions. Some of us like a quick in an out motion, some like a rocking and rolling motion, and others like deep, targeted G-spot massage. Slowly turning a toy inside your body can also feel out of this world. Experiment with what feels good for you. 

    Try different positions. Different positions can make G-spot pleasure feel even more intense. Why? Because different positions expose different parts of the internal clitoral network to stimulation. Try kneeling, lying on your side, or standing up for a spine-tingling combo of clitoral licking and G-spot massage. 

    Switch off tongue and toy stimulation. Many G-spot toys (particularly vibrators) make fantastic clitoral toys, too! Try sliding the toy between the clitoris and G-spot for a powerful combination of sensations.

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