Should I buy a glass sex toy?

Why Your Next Toy Should Be Glass

Rose MacDowell

Glass toys are hailed as the perfect G- and P-spot massager, a failproof way to fire up nerve endings you didn’t know you had. Words like “revelation” and “blown away” get thrown around, followed by lots of babbling. But is all the hype about glass really true? And is it a good fit for your needs?   

Come along as we dig into the pros and cons of this trendy toy so you can decide if glass is right for you!        

Are Glass Sex Toys Safe?

We know what you’re thinking. “Glass” and “sex toy” are an oxymoron if there ever was one! But here’s a reassuring fact you may not know: most glass sex toys are made from borosilicate glass, which is stronger and more resistant to temperature changes than typical household glass. Like a car window, borosilicate glass tends to break apart into small blocks rather than shatter. 

Borosilicate also stands up to chemicals so well that it’s the glass of choice in many laboratories. Pyrex was once made from borosilicate glass, back when you could run a casserole dish under cold water straight out of the oven and it wouldn’t crack. The glory days.  

Exactly how safe is the glass used in sex toys? Well, the typical glass sex toy is solid, not thin-walled like a drinking glass, making it tougher to break under any circumstances. You won’t damage it by doing what you normally do with sex toys, like squeezing it with your hand, vagina, anus, or legs. 

Besides squeezing it, what else can you do safely with a glass toy? You can:

  • Slide it in and out
  • Handle it
  • Wash it
  • Bear down on it
  • Slip it between two (or more) bodies
  • Grind on it
  • Suck it
  • Wear it inside your body
  • Put it to work as an art piece when not in use (seriously have you seen how beautiful some glass toys are?) 

All of the above are not only quite safe, but heartily encouraged! 

What can’t you do safely with a glass toy?

  • Drop it on a hard surface
  • Throw it
  • Heat in the microwave or boil it
  • Freeze it
  • Wash it in the dishwasher 
  • Strike it with something (with the possible exception of pillows!)

You’ll notice that all of these don’ts apply to sex toys made from silicone, wood, and plastic, as well. Even stainless steel toys can be dented or damaged without the proper care. Abide by a few basic rules and your glass toys will bring you years of safe pleasure and potentially last a lifetime! 

Glass dildos and butt plugs

Types of Glass Toys

Glass toys don’t vibrate or contain motors, which means you won’t find them in the Delicto vibrator section! So, what kind of toys are made from glass, and what’s unique about them?

Glass Dildos. Glass dildos are an iconic part of sex toy history, but only recently have so many become available. These toys are usually made from solid glass and come in an array of shapes and sizes, from straight and slim to angled and girthy. They might be smooth or ribbed, and some have a flared base that makes them anal safe or even harness compatible

Many glass dildos are designed to stimulate the G-spot or prostate. How will you know a glass dildo that targets the G- or P-spot versus one that doesn’t? Check out its shape! A curved toy with a rounded or slightly hook-shaped head was probably crafted to stimulate nerve-rich spots a few inches inside the vagina or anus. You’ll know a G- or P-spot toy when you see it and you’ll certainly know when you feel it!

Glass Butt Plugs. Glass butt plugs are designed for anal stimulation and include a flared base for safety. They generally have a tapered shape that makes them easy to insert, and come in any size from small to substantial. Why the popularity of glass butt plugs? The rigidity and weight of glass makes them great for P- and A-spot thrills! 

One place where glass butt plugs really shine is temperature play. Yes, glass dildos for the vagina are nice for this, too, but anal nerves are particularly sensitive to heat and cold. Popping a glass plug into the fridge or running it under warm water can deliver intensely pleasurable (and orgasmic) sensations. 

Blue glass dildo 

Why You Should Try Glass Sex Toys 

Though glass is a hard material toy like wood, metal, and stone, glass has qualities all its own.
What are some of the features that make glass extra-special?

  • It’s smooth. Even if a glass toy is textured, the surface is uniquely smooth and glossy. A smoother surface equals less friction! Glass has a sleek, polished feel and an easy glide.
  • It has a light to medium weight. Glass dildos have a light to medium weight that makes them perfect for newcomers to hard materials. Whereas many stainless steel dils bring some serious heft to playtime, glass options can be a great way to try out the pleasure of a weightier, more rigid toy without overdoing it. 
  • Glass is non-porous. Glass is completely non-porous, meaning air and water can’t penetrate it. And if air and water can’t get in, neither can bacteria, viruses, or smells. Whereas vinyl, jelly rubber, and other low-quality toy materials can harbor nasties of all sorts, body-safe glass keeps them out. 
  • It’s easy to care for. Because glass is non-porous, it’s also easier to clean and care for! Just wash it with any toy cleaner or mild soap and water and store in a safe, soft place to keep the surface dust and chip-free. 
  • Glass is natural. Ever get creeped out by what’s in your sex toys? Does it all seem a little artificial, and maybe not so great for the environment? Glass is made without the plastics and chemicals that are so common in other toys, especially cheaper, low-quality varieties (insert Amazon logo with a red X over it here!).
  • It’s rigid. No matter how you use your glass toy, it won’t bend, warp, or squish. It won’t lose its shape or get softer over time. If you’re hankering for that feeling of pure, nothing-like-it hardness, glass fits the bill. 
  • It’s durable. Barring any major mishaps, glass will outlast just about any other toy material with the possible exception of stainless steel. How durable is it, exactly? There are glass objects in museums older than the Bible. Take care of your glass toy and you can leave it to a friend in your will.  
  • Glass is budget-friendly. Glass toys are free of motors, complex materials, and other pricier features. If dildos often seem out of your price range, check out glass for high-quality pleasure that won’t break the bank.  
  • Glass is gorgeous. Even the simplest glass toy has a certain sculptural beauty. If a toy’s aesthetics are important to you, check out the many colored and hand-blown options available in glass. 
  • Glass is compatible with any lube. No matter which lubricant you like best, it’ll go great with glass. Another benefit of a glass toy? Its smooth surface means you can use less lube and still get a nice, slick glide.   

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Glass Sex Toy Complaints

Glass toys are a much-loved favorite here at Delicto, but, like any sex toy, they aren’t ideal for everyone. What are some of the potential downsides, and should you buy a glass toy? Let’s dig a little deeper into some possible cons to see if glass is right for you.

  • Glass toys can’t be recycled. Though it's natural and friendlier for the environment than many materials, borosilicate glass can’t be recycled. Even a small amount of this type of glass can impact the recycling process, which is reserved for glass bottles and jars. If you break or discard your glass toy, it will (unfortunately!) go into a landfill like silicone or plastic. 
  • Glass doesn’t vibe. If you’re on the hunt for a toy that vibrates, sucks, blows, or is otherwise powered by a motor, look at one of the many options made from silicone or ABS plastic. 
  • Glass can break. Despite the safety of borosilicate glass, it’s still breakable under the right (actually, wrong!) conditions. Drop, throw, or smash it, and just about any type of glass will break. But take a few precautions with your glass toy and you can rest assured that it won’t crack or shatter. 
  • Glass doesn’t bend. The stiffness that makes glass great can also be a downside for those who like a more customizable toy. If you want a flexible dildo you can shape or mold, check out silicone models designed to bend to your liking.  

How to Use a Glass Sex Toy

If you’re familiar with dildos or butt plugs, you probably know the mantra: go slow, use lube, listen to your body. This is key for all sex toys, but particularly those made from hard materials like glass. 

Pain or soreness can be more likely with a material with no give, so take your time when starting out with a glass toy. Use plenty of your favorite lube and introduce the toy to your body gradually. Notice the sensations you experience and stop or slow down if you feel uncomfortable. Pain or discomfort is a sign to take it easy and let your body adjust, or even try a smaller toy until you’re ready to move up in size.

We suggest using your toy on the outside of your body first. Get used to how it feels and moves before you try it vaginally or anally. Use it on your clitoris, testicles, nipples, or any spot that’s sensitive. Once you know how the toy handles and you feel ready, try inserting it using your body’s signals as a guide. 

Slide your toy in and out slowly and experiment with slightly more pressure in different areas. Notice how it feels when you angle it against your G-spot or prostate and rock it gently back and forth. And while you’re exploring with your new toy, remember: lube can make glass slippery, so be particularly careful if you’re in a bathroom or other place with hard surfaces. 

Final Thoughts

A glass sex toy can be the perfect way to explore hard materials and your own path to pleasure. We love glass for its moderate weight, super-smooth glide, and of course, gleaming good looks. It’s also easy to care for, a bonus if you’re looking for a durable, body-safe toy that doesn’t need much maintenance! 

Browse our glass dildos and butt plugs to your heart’s content, and as always, feel free to reach out for help or advice! Just drop us a line at for a personalized recommendation, or DM us on Instagram or TikTok anytime.