How to have multiple orgasms

How to Have Multiple Orgasms

Sarah Riccio

Do you want to learn how to go multiple times in a row? Well, great! Here's what you need to know about achieving multiple orgasms, including how to prepare your body, which toys are best for the job, and why you should definitely give it a try.

What Is a Multiple Orgasm?

First things first: what is a multiple orgasm, anyway?

Simply put, it's a term that refers to more than one orgasm in a single sex session. Multiple orgasms can be achieved during solo play or partnered play, and can feel different for everybody. They can happen in quick succession, or with small breaks between each one. 

Multiple orgasms can can also take the shape of what’s called a rolling orgasm, which typically feels like one long, ongoing orgasm with no distinct stop and start. All genders are capable of experiencing multiple orgasms, though folks born with a vulva are more likely. 

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So, how many orgasms can you have in one session? Well, the average pleasure seeker can have up to 5, but some people can have more. The current record holder hit 140 orgasms (which honestly sounds kind of painful)!

Before you hit the sheets and try to hit your own personal best, let's look at some ways to boost your chances of reaching the multiple O-zone.

How Do I Reach Multiple Orgasms? 

While there is no guarantee that you will enjoy multiple orgasms, there are some things you can do to dramatically increase your chances. 

Be well rested and hydrated

It takes quite a bit of energy to have even one orgasm, let alone several. So, prepare your mind and body in a way that sets you up for success. Be hydrated, well rested and relaxed. If you enter the arena feeling stressed or sleepy, multiple orgasms are less likely for you.

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Do your Kegel exercises

You might already know about the benefits of doing Kegel exercises, but did you know that they can also help you achieve multiple orgasms during play? 

When you have an orgasm, your PC muscles contract automatically (this happens involuntarily!). When your orgasm stops, the contractions slow down and eventually stop as well. But here's a fun trick: keep contracting those PC muscles after your climax and see what happens.

By doing Kegel exercises immediately after your orgasm, you can potentially prolong the orgasm, transform it into a rolling orgasm, produce another orgasm, or make it easier to reach another orgasm by stimulating other erogenous zones.

Cool, right? 

Be open to different types of orgasm

Remember that multiple orgasms can look and feel different for everyone. Some people experience multiple clitoral orgasms, while others enjoy multiple orgasms of different varieties. For example, you might have a clitoral orgasm, followed by a G-spot orgasm, an A-spot orgasm, and an anal orgasm.

When you have one orgasm, your internal erectile tissue swells, expands, and becomes more sensitive. This can make your body susceptible to more orgasms, even if that means focusing on other erogenous zones. So, if your clitoris feels too sensitive to touch after orgasm, that’s fine! Your G-spot is probably fired up and ready for action.

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Switch up the sensation and breathe

One of the best ways to experience multiple orgasms is by experimenting with different sensations. If you always masturbate in the prone position with a grinding toy, flip over and try an air pressure toy. If you and your lover enjoy the first half of your romp in the missionary position, explore new positions in the second half.

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The more you tap in to uncharted erogenous zones, the more likely you are to unlock new orgasms. A surefire way to enjoy new sensations is by using sex toys. Use a butt plug to ignite your nerve endings while you use a vibrator on your clitoris. Use a suction toy to enjoy a clitoral orgasm before switching to a G-spot toy for an internal O. Get creative! 

Before you head to bed to put these tips into practice, I've got one more pearl of wisdom for you: breathe.

When you orgasm, you might be tempted to hold your breath or do quick huffy breathing. Try to fight that urge and, instead, inhale deeply through your nose, and out through your mouth. This can enhance physical sensation and help you roll into another orgasm.